PPC Management

PPC Management

Advertise Online on Google Adwords + Facebook Ads

The paid placement ads are those put on search engine and websites to generate traffic to a website for a fee. It is variously called as pay-per-click campaigns, sponsored links, paid inclusion programs and search placement services. Search placement service is a cost-effective and efficient way to advertise products to prospective customers who are currently looking to buy similar products and services. The search placement service allows your business to advertise your services on the Internet to those searching for keywords related to your business and on websites related to your business. For pay per click campaigns the only time you pay is when a customer “walks in the door” by clicking on your ad. The paid placement advertising campaigns offer several benefits including geographic and industry targeting, low fixed costs, ‘pay as you go’ model and the campaigns are spread over a period of time. Currently, this advertising method has the lowest cost for lead generation.

Our successful pay per click search engine campaign involves multiple services including:

- Selecting the most cost-effective keywords or key phrases.
- Selecting the target market or geography.
- Writing effective ads.
- Designing image ads.
- Designing and writing effective landing pages.
- Consulting and research services to achieve marketing goals.
- Progress reporting and monitoring.

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